Old J. Crew Silk Shirt - Similar , Similar  //   Jeans (another similar option by the same brand Here ) //   ...

utility jacket

spring outfit

tie shirt

military jacket

blush pink

nude sandals
Old J. Crew Silk Shirt - Similar, Similar  //  Jeans (another similar option by the same brand Here) //  Heels (Almost the exact same more affordable option Here)  //  Similar Bag //  Sunglasses

Hey guys! The weather has finally shifted and today was the first day in almost a month(!) that it hasn't rained. This past week has been so rough, I got sick again and with the weather being what it was Luna was really grumpy because she couldn't go outside and play. That being said, these pictures were taken when the weather was less than ideal. I know these shoes are everywhere, but there's a good reason for it. They are super comfortable and they are the shoes that distressed denim was made for. I actually ordered them in two different colors (the blush and a light blue color) and decided to keep the neutral ones.

I hope you're all having a great week so far!


vintage jacket  //   similar tank top  //   jeans  //   platforms  //   sunglasses I've had this vintage ...

yellow + gray

yellow jacket : gray denim

vintage jacket

yellow + bue

vintage jacket

denim platform
vintage jacket  //  similar tank top  //  jeans  //  platforms  //  sunglasses

I've had this vintage jacket for years now and I definitely haven't worn it enough. I love the brocade detailing on the fabric and the braided trim. I wish we would have gotten more detail shots of it, but our camera died! These blue platforms have seriously become a favorite of mine. I've had a long time love affair with denim footwear, as evidenced by these shoes, and I love a good chunky fabric knot. I've worn them several times now and they are seriously so comfortable - I walked like 10 blocks in them last weekend and didn't hate myself for wearing them. ;)

I hope you're all having a great week so far!


My striped dress can be found here  (and it's on sale!) Spring is one of my favo...

all natural skincare

nine naturals

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organic skin care

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luna - disco daydream

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nine naturals lip care

nine naturals - deoderant

nine naturals - mama skincare
My striped dress can be found here (and it's on sale!)

Spring is one of my favorite seasons! The sun is finally starting to show itself to the world and after being cooped up in the house all winter we have been taking full advantage of being able to spend our days outside. Luna is at the age where she wants to emulate everything I do, so when she sees me putting on sunscreen every morning (I've been a religious sunscreen user for years now) she always grabs the bottle and puts a bunch all over her face! I've always been leery about using chemical-laden products, but when I became a mother that feeling was even more intense and I went through a huge overhaul of all of my skincare products. So when Nine Naturals reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in trying their products I was more than excited.

When I was pregnant, I would spend hours researching what was safe eat and what products were okay to use on my skin and in my hair.  Nine Naturals products only use natural organic ingredients, and I love that they even have an glossary of all of their ingredients and what they are used for on their website. For someone with sensitive skin like me they have quickly become a favorite! My hands have a tendency to get really dry, especially when it's windy outside. I've been using the Repairing Body Balm which has ultra-hydrating organic shea, cupa├žu, and mango butter in it and it has completely transformed my dry winter hands. Their vanilla + geranium belly butter is also great for pregnant moms to help prevent stretch marks, and I've been using it postpartum as an ultra-rich moisturizer! Another favorite of mine is their deodorant. Since I'm still breastfeeding, I've been really discerning about what I put on my own skin. Nine Natural's deodorant is all natural, non toxic, and aluminum free.

Nine Naturals has made it so easy to make healthy skincare choices for myself and my little ones. I love that the next time Luna reaches for my sunscreen in the morning I don't have to worry!

I hope you all had a great weekend!